I draw influences from Francesca Woodman, Francis Bacon and Richard Long, amongst others, to explore my on-going pre-occupation with the concept of continuous change, or flux.

I photograph natural or built environments, and make direct interventions into the scenes to shed light on man’s relationship with himself and with his surroundings.

A ghost-like trajectory glimpsed through the trees; a portrait abstracted by movement; a hand half lost in the shade – in each scene I set up a dialogue between opposing elements. Through this I explore the changing balance of forces that exists both within us (between our emotional and rational selves) and outside us (between man and nature, nature and artifice).

Using contrasting lighting conditions, long exposures and natural chance I seek to capture a mystical quality of light, in which I resist the use of photography as an exact record of reality: though often presented as the results of scientific inquiry (‘Mapmaker’, ‘Soundings’…etc.), my pictures should have the sacred feeling of ritual.

After reading Classics at Oxford University I have taught myself photography over the last ten years as an ideal means through which to explore my interests. I have exhibited at the Royal Academy, Photofusion and other venues in London, and my pictures are held in a number of private collections. I live in London with my wife and daughter.